Lake como

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in the world.

Lake Como is the most beautiful lake in the world and we are not just saying that because we live here all year round and we were born here. It has been given first place in the ranking of the most beautiful and evocative lakes in the world, drawn up by the Huffington Post web magazine, an authoritative US online newspaper.
The magnificent landscape of the Lario has enchanted artists and travellers over the centuries: from the French writer Flaubert to the musicians Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi, who found inspiration here, and today it is still a favourite destination for Italian and international artists and musicians.
You can enjoy many fascinating views. Beautiful villages, splendid villas and lush gardens await visitors looking for relaxation and culture whilst being in touch withnature.

The boat trip is an experience not to be missed, the views from the lake are a very romantic experience. Contact us to organize your trip!